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          shantou zhongguan Machinery Co., Ltd


          ABOUT US

                 汕頭市中冠機械有限公司,2016被評為“國家高新技術企業”,公司通過“ISO 9001 :2015國際質量體系認證”,“歐盟CE認證”,擁有多項發明專利和高新技術產品,被評為“汕頭市優秀民營科技企業”,“汕頭市金平區科技創新工作先進單位”,“守合同重信用”公示企業。是中國乳制品工業協會單位,專業從事食品包裝機械和塑料機械、自動化控制設備研發、制造、銷售的實體企業。中冠公司擁有進口精密加工中心機床等各種加工設備,確保公司產品的技術先進和質量穩定。公司主要為客戶提供碗裝、杯裝、盒裝封口機,真空氣調封口機、酸奶瓶、棒棒冰灌裝封口機,玻璃瓶、自立袋灌裝旋蓋機,成套自動殺菌線以及后道自動包裝線,和制杯機,片材機等。 

          Shantou Zhongguan Machinery Co., Ltd. was honored as “National New High-Tech Enterprises” in 2016, “Shantou Outstanding Private Technology Enterprises” and “Technology Innovation Advanced Unit of Jinping District of Shantou”, which have achieved certificates of “ISO 9001: 2015 International Quality System ”, “European CE” and numerous invention patents and high-tech products . Meanwhile, it’s the member of China Dairy Industry Association. Zhongguan specializes in researching&developing, manufacturing and sales of food packaging machinery, plastics processing machinery and automation control machines, and has various processing machines such as imported precise CNC etc to ensure advanced technology and steady quality of products. The company mainly provides customers sealing machine for bowl, cup and box, vacuum sealing machine, filling and sealing machine for yoghurt bottles and popsicle, filling and rotary capping machine for glass bottles and stand-up pouches, complete set of automatic pasteurization production line with packaging line of end-of-line, cup making machine and plastic sheet forming machine, etc.
          The company extremely emphasize the technical innovation with quality and communication of service. We provide such warm and sincere service for each customer and ensure you feel delighted about choice on us, so our products can become your success and establish the friendly relationship between you and us.
          We all thank for your great support. We will appreciate your trust and provide the better quality products and great services with heart as our thanks.
          Enterprise Belief:  Fairness,Honesty,Responsibility and Gratefulness, promote social progress of productive force together.

          Value Idea:  Beyond the common,Create the new , Do it by heart ,Build own brand by credit.

          Quality Policy: Strict Management, Great care and attention,Rigorous Production,Make it perfect.

          Staff Concept: People oriented, Proud of the factory, Enhance service awareness, establish brand concept.